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Endowment/Waqf Project

Prayer Times

FAJR 05:52 AM 06:15 AM
DHUHR 11:50 PM 01:15 PM
ASR 02:04 PM 03:00 PM
MAGHRIB 04:21 PM 04:26 PM
ISHA 05:46 PM 07:30 PM
JUMU'AH 01:15 PM


The Masjid is the heart of the community and the core of who we are collectively. Activities at the masjid bind the ummah together.

Ongoing Projects

Donate for the sake of Allah to build your community and invest in the Aakhirah

Fencing [$5000]

100% Collected

Detailed Site Plan [$21000]

23% Collected

Detailed Architecture Plan [$19000]

0% Collected